Filip Sinecký

Tax advisor


  • Czech and international tax law
  • Tax planning and tax optimisation

Filip Sinecký works for Stuchlíková & Partners as a tax advisor.

Filip is an experienced professional for tax and accounting advice, which he has been providing since 2006. In the past, Filip worked for the consulting firms KPMG and Vorlíčková Partners.

Filip studied economics and tax systems at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague. During his studies, he completed an internship in Vienna at a reputable tax and auditing firm. In addition to his native Czech, Filip speaks fluent English.

Filip is a member of the Czech Chamber of Tax Advisers. He is one of the authors of the executive team of the web site, which simplifies taxes, accounting, and wages for the professional public and informs about new legislative developments.

Filip specialises in the following areas:

  • Czech tax law: processing all tax returns (VAT, corporate income tax, private income tax, road tax, property tax),
  • International tax law: international taxation, planning and tax optimisation,
  • Czech and EU value-added tax,
  • Accounting: double-entry accounting, outsourcing double-entry accounting, accounting and tax records, setting accounting processes, accounting audits, restructuring accounting for entrepreneurs, tax, and accounting advice for entrepreneurs,
  • Economic advice: tax and financial optimisation, tax planning and tax advice for entrepreneurs and legal entities.

As a part of his professional tax and accounting practice, Filip has contributed to a number of transactions and consulting projects, especially relating to income taxes and VAT. Filip is also a member of a team of external advisors for many corporate restructurings, business development, and investments.

In addition to the above, Filip provides general advice relating to corporate and private taxes.