Court disputes

Debt Collection

Our lawyers have extensive experience with representing clients in civil proceedings before courts of all instances. We offer a professional and thorough approach in all phases of the dispute process, from the initial stages of the dispute where we analyse the facts and basic legal issues, planning of the procedural tactics, up to personal representation before a court or arbitration body.

Court disputes

Our litigation practice includes all areas of civil law, especially civil law and commercial law, intellectual property rights, competition law, and others. We have experience with representing clients in cases relating to damages and indemnification, debt collection, unjust enrichment, unauthorised use of copyrights, and industrial designs.

Legal services relating to disputes include:

  • Comprehensive legal analyses of the dispute
  • Answering fundamental legal questions
  • Preparation of the procedural documentation, especially legal statements and counterstatements
  • Consulting the procedural tactics with clients
  • Representing clients in all levels of the proceedings, including enforcement proceedings
  • Debt collection

Debt Collection

In relation to litigation, our office offers services relating to the management and enforcement of claims:

  • Communication with debtors
  • Preparation and administration of reminders
  • Verifying the financial situation of debtors and related business relations
  • Initiating and arranging court proceedings leading to the acknowledgement of a client’s claim
  • Representing clients in court proceedings
  • Arranging and organising enforcement in cooperation with the executory office


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