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Our law firm specialises in financial law and obtaining licences (registration, approval) relating to the financial market at the Czech National Bank (CNB). Our lawyers have many years of experience in financial law and arranging licences from specialised departments of leading foreign and Czech law firms and as in-house lawyers at companies involved in financial services.

Why should you choose our law firm?

  • We have already arranged dozens of CNB licences/registrations in the area of financial services.
  • We deal with CNB licences on a daily basis.
  • We are in close contact with CNB staff, and we know the licensing process in detail, including the unwritten rules and customs.
  • We will guide you effectively through the entire CNB licensing procedure.
  • Subsequently we will provide comprehensive services relating to ​​Compliance, AML, Risk Management (especially operational risks), internal audit, CNB reporting, and bookkeeping.

We arrange CNB licences in the following areas

Payment services and electronic money issuing

  • Small-scale payment service provider
  • Small-scale electronic money issuer
  • Payment institution
  • Electronic money institution
  • Authorised representative of a payment service provider

Consumer loans

  • Non-banking provider of consumer loans
  • Consumer loan intermediary
  • Tied agent

Securities traders, investment mediators

  • Securities trader
  • Investment intermediary

Insurance and insurance and reinsurance companies

  • Insurance agent
  • Tied agent

Collective investment, investment companies, and investment funds

  • Investment fund
  • Foreign investment fund
  • Alternative fund under Article 15 ZISIF (Act no. 240/2013 Coll., on Investment Companies and Investment Funds)

Pension companies and pension funds

  • Pension company

Exchange offices and exchange service providers

  • Exchange office

Licensing documentation at the CNB

As a part of the licencing procedure, we prepare the following documentation for acquiring a CNB licence as a rule in cooperation with the client:

  • Business plan
  • System of risk management, including capital adequacy
  • Internal control system
  • Anti-Money Laundering Measures (AML/CFT)

Comprehensive services after obtaining a CNB licence

In relation to acquiring a CNB licence, we arrange the following services for our clients:

  • Template contractual documents, especially terms and conditions and the client’s contractual documentation
  • Internal regulations
  • Compliance
  • Anti-Money Laundering Measures (AML/CFT)
  • Risk Management (especially operational risks)
  • Internal audit

In cooperation with tax and accounting advisors, we also arrange the following:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping, including accounting for financial institutions in accordance with Decree no. 501/2002 Sb.
  • Reporting and submitting information and statements to the CNB

Finance. Capital Markets

The lawyers at Stuchlíková & Partners have extensive experience in finance, banking, and capital markets.

Our lawyers have provided advice to Czech and foreign banks, collective investment funds, pension funds, insurance companies, securities brokers, issuers of securities, and other financial institutions.


Stuchlíková & Partners’s services relating to banking include the following:

  • Structuring financing, loans, credits, including preparation and negotiations relating to term sheets and mandate agreements
  • Preparation and negotiation of credit and security documentation for all types of loans, including acquisition, export, or syndicated financing
  • Refinancing existing indebtedness, freeing up current security instruments
  • Legal due diligence for creditors and debtors
  • Preparation of corporate and consumer banking products (including loans, depository and investment products)

Collective Investment

Our lawyers have extensive experience with collective investment:

  • Establishing collective investment funds and preparation of related corporate documentation
  • Creating ownership structures for companies and funds (for financing and taxes)
  • Preparation and negotiation of agreements with contact banks, depository agreements, management contracts, and distribution agreements
  • Representation in proceedings conducted by the Czech National Bank

Capital Market Regulation

In relation to capital market regulation, Stuchlíková & Partners provides the following services:

  • Preparation of regulatory surveys regarding capital market regulation
  • Compliance of marketing materials and sales manuals with the regulatory requirements
  • Public and private offer of securities and other financial instruments
  • Advice relating to trading with derivatives and structured financial products
  • Representation in proceedings conducted by the Czech National Bank and the Ministry of Finance
  • Implementing new regulatory requirements for the internal processes of financial institutions (MiFID)
  • Mandatory takeover bids, squeeze-outs
  • Quotation of investment instruments or delisting from the investment instruments market
  • Insider dealing


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