At the end of May this year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) introduced a new service that simplifies and clarifies the evidentiary situation relating to intellectual property – WIPO PROOF.

WIPO PROOF is an online service that can quickly detect the existence of digital content and verifies that a particular file actually existed at a particular point in time.

Whether it is a copyrighted work, a product design, a trade secret, an invention, or research data and knowledge from an innovation process, this service is another way to protect valuable intellectual property. Using secure technology, WIPO PROOF creates a special code – a globally recognized digital fingerprint of intellectual property. However, in doing so, WIPO does not read the contents of the file or save copies of it. The user receives this dated and time-stamped token and an additional copy is securely stored on WIPO’s servers in Switzerland.

In practice, it is difficult to prove in today’s digital age the origin of intellectual property, and the aim of this official service is to make it easier to provide proof in intellectual property disputes. At present, it is possible and acceptable by the courts to prove facts relating to intellectual property, among other things, through a notarial deed certifying other factual events or an executory record certifying the events and state of affairs.

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