The collapse of Energetický Holding Malina a.s.

Energetický Holding Malina, one of the largest suppliers of rooftop photovoltaics in the Czech Republic, admitted in mid-April that it was having problems securing orders from its clients. Immediately afterwards, the company filed an insolvency petition on 9 May 2023, together with a motion for reorganisation. On 12 May 2023, the insolvency court ruled the company bankrupt and creditors have a two-month period to file their claims in the insolvency proceedings.

If you have ordered photovoltaics or heat pumps from the company and the company has not fulfilled its obligations, or if you have already withdrawn from the contract and the company has not yet refunded your money, or if you have any other claims against the company, we recommend filing your claim in the insolvency proceedings as soon as possible.

Claims filed after 12 July 2023 will no longer be satisfied during the insolvency proceedings.

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