Payment frauds are more and more frequent

A classic scenario - you are selling an item in an online bazaar for CZK 200, you end up in a minus of CZK 1 000 000.

How? Very simply. Our most recent case:

  1. A client has placed an advertisement for a jacket for sale on an online bazaar for CZK 200.
  2. A buyer contacted the seller instantly.
  3. It only took a moment – the seller had to authorize the receipt of the payment in your online banking…
  4. Within a few subsequent clicks, the client managed to authorize the attacker’s access to his online banking and change his SMS authorization number.
  5. The result? In a few minutes - immediate transfer of savings from the account in the amount of approximately CZK 100,000, followed by a pre-approved loan in the amount of approximately CZK 900,000 and again immediate transfer.

Among other things, we are surprised the bank didn’t detect this as a fraudulent transaction and promptly put a stop to it.

If you want to test for yourself, just put up an advertisement on (nearly) any online bazaar.

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