How to Obtain the Status of Exclusive Supplier for the European Union Market

Restrictions on competition in relation to cartels or monopolies are punishable by law, but in the field of intellectual property, it is possible to acquire a status similar to that of a monopoly, namely by an exclusive right to certain intellectual property.

Whether it is copyrighted works, trademark rights, patents, or utility models, these entitle their owner to the exclusive use of the intellectual property. This monopoly is partially confronted by the institution of exhaustion of intellectual property rights.

Which right is involved in the case of distribution? The right to place a product bearing intellectual property on the market. The owner of the intellectual property right or the person holding a licence is thus the only distributor for a specific market, in our case, the European Union market, and as such, may prevent the import of all products bearing the intellectual property right into the market from other sources.

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