Exchange office

In addition to banks and financial institutions, any other natural or legal person who obtains a license from the Czech National Bank may also perform the exchange activities.

Requirements for licence by Czech national bank:

  • registered office, business or organizational unit in the territory of the Czech Republic,
  • credibility; the condition of credibility must also be met by the lead person and the real owner of the applicant (who is the real owner is mentioned below);
  • the head of the applicant who actually manages the exchange activity has finished a high school and also
  • has reached the age of 18 years and has full legal capacity if he is a natural person.

The real owner means:

  • a natural person who effectively or legally exercises, directly or indirectly, a decisive influence on the management or operation of the applicant’s business; indirect influence means the influence exercised through another person or other persons,
  • a natural person who, by itself or by virtue of an agreement with another member or partners, has more than 25% of the voting rights of the entrepreneur; holding voting rights means the possibility to exercise voting rights at their discretion, regardless of whether and for what legal basis they are exercised, or the possibility of influencing the exercise of voting rights by another person,
  • natural persons acting in concert who hold more than 25% of the applicant ’s voting rights, or
  • a natural person who, on the basis of another fact, is the beneficiary of the applicant’s income.

Register of Exchange offices

The Czech National Bank maintains the register of the exchange offices and the data in this register are available publicly on the Czech national bank website. Database contains:

  • in the case of a natural person, a business name or personal name, surname, date of birth, place of residence or registered office and identification number,
  • in the case of a legal person, a business name or registered office, and the identification number of the person,
  • the date on which the authorization to conduct currency exchange operations and
  • the date of expiry or withdrawal of the authorization to act as an exchange-trader.

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