Czech Citizenship Based on Grandparents

In the past week, we received a Certificate of Czech Citizenship for one of our clients, whose grandmother emigrated from Czechoslovakia to the United States and was naturalized as a US citizen.

Based on the naturalization treaty between Czechoslovakia and the USA from 1928, naturalization in one of the countries used to lead to loss of citizenship in the other country.

If one of your parents or grandparents lost Czechoslovak citizenship but were born in the present-day Czech Republic, you are now able to claim it back as the descendant of a former Czechoslovak citizen. If loss of citizenship has not occurred, there is still a possibility, based on the dates of birth of your descendants, that citizenship was kept in the family lineage and you could be a citizen of the Czech Republic right now.

This week, we received a Certificate of Citizenship for two more relatives of our client, and applications for five more are on the way!

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