Brexit – How to Stay in the Czech Republic as a Briton?

With the arrival of the new year, the transitional period will end and the so-called hard Brexit will occur. For British citizens of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland who have lived in the Czech Republic for a long time as citizens of the European Union and wish to stay here even after the new year, the end of 2020 ends the opportunity to stay in the Czech Republic from 2021 without the need for a visa.

What are the options?

By the end of 2020

Submit an application for permanent residence or for temporary residence by the end of 2020.

An application for permanent residence requires legal residence in the Czech Republic for at least five years or at least two years if the applicant is a family member of a Czech citizen who is registered for permanent residence in the Czech Republic or a citizen of the European Union for at least one year who has a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic. Family affiliation may include unmarried partners if certain conditions are met.

If you have not stayed in the Czech Republic for a sufficient period of time, it is advisable to request confirmation of temporary residence for a citizen of the European Union. There are no time-of-stay requirements for the confirmation.

On 1 January 2021

British citizens will no longer be able to obtain a certificate of temporary residence for a European Union citizen after the start of the new year. The application for a permanent residence permit itself will have more conditions. In addition to the necessary period of stay of five years, a Czech language exam and proof of a sufficient monthly income will also be requested.

British nationals who wish to live in the Czech Republic after the end of 2020 without obtaining a temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit will be considered third-country nationals who will now be required to obtain a long-term residence visa.

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