IT. E-commerce

The lawyers at Stuchlíková & Partners have extensive experience in information technology, e-commerce, advertisement, marketing, and other related web-environment activities.

In relation to IT law, Stuchlíková & Partners provides legal advice to technology companies, development firms, producers of software and computer programs, and companies specialising in body shopping and IT outsourcing.

Our legal services relating to IT include the following:

  • Legal advice with respect to developing, implementing and distributing software
  • Software licensing agreements
  • General terms and conditions for software distribution
  • Legal issues relating to information systems
  • Obligations relating to software and computer programs and asserting claims for violating software and computer program copyrights
  • Employment contracts, contracts for work, and licensing agreements with programmers
  • IT outsourcing (body shopping)
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Protection of intellectual property and business secrets
  • Copyright and the Internet - copyrights on the web, violating copyrights on the web

In relation to the Internet and e-commerce, our comprehensive legal services are used by online businesses and e-shops, discount sites, providers and mediators of financial and insurance services, and various website operators. Stuchlíková & Partners also has a wide range of experience with respect to advertising and marketing online and Internet media issues.

Stuchlíková & Partners provides comprehensive advice relating to e-commerce and online business, including:

  • Drafting and revising the general business conditions for e-shops
  • Distance agreements concluded during online sales
  • Transfer, sale, and purchase of e-shops and agreements on the sale of e-shops
  • Relations with suppliers (B2B) and with customers and consumers (B2C)
  • Creating and transferring customer and business partner databases
  • Copyrights on the Internet (use of texts, graphics, and photography on websites) and violating copyrights on the Internet
  • Domains - transfer and sale of domains, agreements on the transfer of domains, disputes relating to domains

In relation to all of the above areas of Internet business, we provide legal advice with respect to the following:

  • Personal data protection
  • Business communications (mailing)
  • Representation before the Data Protection Office relating to the protection of personal data and business communications (mailing)

Stuchlíková & Partners also has experience in the following areas:

  • Unfair competition
  • Protection of trademarks
  • Protection of a company’s reputation
  • Protection of know-how, trade secrets, and databases

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