GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Does the GDPR concern you?

  • Almost certainly
  • The GDPR applies to you if, for example:
    • you have employees or contractors,
    • you are keeping a database of your customers or other private individuals, typically marketing databases,
    • you use cookies on a website,
    • you systematically monitor publicly accessible spaces (camera systems, etc.); or
    • you store or otherwise process the personal data of private individuals

What can we do for you?

  • We can meet in person with your company’s management

    We will answer any of your questions and determine the scope of your duties in relation to personal data.

  • GDPR Audit

    Based on the meeting and the information provided by you, we will thoroughly examine the state of data protection in your company

  • GAP analysis

    Based on the results of the GDPR audit, we will make a report about the status of personal data protection in your company

  • Implementation schedule

    Based on the GAP analysis, a detailed plan will be prepared for implementing the GDPR at your company in the future.

  • Implementation and compliance with the GDPR

    Subsequently, the actual implementation of the measure under the GDPR will take place.

  • Reaudit

    We check if the post-implementation status is consistent with the GDPR.

  • Final Report

    Finally, we will review the functionality of your entire GDPR system. You will also receive a final report describing the entire implementation process and the measures in place. This report may, among other things, serve to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR at the Office for Personal Data Protection.

Why our law firm?

  • We provide practical solutions with minimal cost to clients.
  • We have been working on the GDPR and the protection of personal data for three years now.
  • We have done dozens of GDPR audits and implementation work.
  • We teach the GDPR.
  • We regularly consult with the Office for Personal Data Protection.
  • We work closely with IT companies to implement the GDPR in information systems.

Who are our clients?

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