Efficient and fast debt recovery

Our law firm has extensive experience in debt collection. We handle debt collection comprehensively, including out-of-court debt collection, legal proceedings, and enforcement.

Are you facing these problems?

  • Does someone owe you money?
  • Do your customers pay late or not at all?
  • Is your tenant not paying?
  • Has a supplier or employee caused you damage?

Our Services

We efficiently and quickly recover your claims.

We recover claims:

  • even without a written contract
  • within the Czech Republic and abroad

Payment Terms

You only pay us if the claim is successfully recovered. Usually, you only pay a percentage of the recovered claim. In the case of multiple claims, in some cases, you don’t pay anything at all - the debtor bears all the costs.

Are you interested in our services?

Our team of experienced lawyers will assess your case for free and help you quickly recover your money. Please fill out the form below or contact us by email at info@stuchlikova.com or by phone at +420 222 767 393.

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