Cybersecurity, NIS2 - Checklist

New cybersecurity rules will impact approximately 10,000 enterprises from sectors such as healthcare, construction, transportation, energy, financial sector, digital services, and many others. Our law firm brings you a practical NIS2 Checklist

DORA - Summary of New Obligations in a Concise Infographic

In January 2023, the European Union’s regulation DORA came into effect with the aim of enhancing digital resilience and cybersecurity in the financial sector. The regulation sets out a number of new rules and obligations for financial entities. Our law firm brings you a summary of these in a concise infographic.

Digital Services Act (DSA) in a Concise Infographic

As of February 17, 2024, the Digital Services Act (DSA) is universally applicable. The DSA relates to almost all entities operating in the digital market. Our law firm brings you a concise infographic on who the DSA applies to and what obligations arise from it.