Crowdfunding and Participation Agreements

In February 2024, the Czech National Bank issued an opinion on the regulation of “crowdfunding” internet platforms, which operate on the principle of participation agreements.

Crowdfunding provider licence

Crowdfunding provider licence - in our article you can find out whether you are required to obtain a crowdfunding provider licence from the CNB and how we can help you with the licensing process.


Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds to finance projects and businesses from a large number of donors and investors through online platforms. In our in-depth article you will learn, among other things, what types of crowdfunding are distinguished and how they are affected by the EU 2020/1503 regulation.

Crowdfunding service provider licence

Explore the intricacies of EU-based crowdfunding service providers and stay informed about the latest regulatory requirements set by EU Regulation 2020/1503. Our in-depth article provides valuable insights and best practices for obtaining a license and starting the process early.

What will 2023 bring in financial regulation?

Stay up to date on financial regulation for 2023. Read about crowdfunding, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency regulation, payment services and AML.


Stuchlíková & Partners has prepared for its client a business plan analysis relating to equity crowdfunding. By way of equity crowdfunding, most of the public is offered investment in companies or specific property intended for investment. With equity crowdfunding, the investor becomes the owner of shares or interest, and the amount of the co-ownership should be based on the resources invested. Among other things, the analysis takes up the functioning of equity crowdfunding in the Czech Republic under the Capital Markets Act, the Act on Investment Companies and Investment Funds, and the Act on the Provision of Payment Services.