Parallel Import

Parallel import occurs when two suppliers import the same product to a specific market with only one supplier having the intellectual property owner’s consent to import the product. The other supplier typically sells the product at a lower price, which is usually caused by not paying royalties to the intellectual property owner.

Exclusion of the Czech Inheritance Law

The opportunity to choose the jurisdiction for inheritance matters is slowly becoming known to the public. We have recently dealt with such a request from one of our clients.

Domain Squatting – When Domain Registration Becomes Illegal

Has anyone registered a domain that has the same or a similar name as the one you are entitled to?

Czech Citizenship by Descent

Many Czechoslovak citizens have left the country during the world wars, after the communist coup in 1948, during the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, or any time during the communist era. Most of them migrated to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Israel. The descendants of Czech and Czechoslovak emigrants now have a chance to claim Czech citizenship.


At the end of May this year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) introduced a new service that simplifies and clarifies the evidentiary situation relating to intellectual property – WIPO PROOF.

Year Book of Leading Law Firms

Our law firm has been included in the Year Book of Leading Law Firms for 2020 published annually by

Alternative Fund in accordance with Section 15 of the Act on Investment Companies and Investment Funds (ZISIF)

An “alternative fund” or “mini-fund” is a form of asset management that is comparable to the management of investment funds. This is a simplified regime that allows the management of funds that are not offered to the public and contain a smaller amount of assets.

Revoking CNB Licence due to Non-Provision of Payment Services

Have you received a Notice of Initiation of Ex officio Proceedings, in which the Czech National Bank informs you of the initiation of administrative proceedings on revoking authorization to provide payment services or issue electronic money because it believes that you have not provided such services for more than six months?

Security and Operational Risk Reporting

In accordance with the Payment System Act, all persons authorised to provide payment services are required to report annually on security and operational risks.

Predatory Calls relating to Photo Copyright Infringement

Were you surprised by a copyright infringement call? Have you used a photo or other work, including those published under the Creative Commons licence, and the other party is now asking you for a significant amount of money? We have recently observed similar calls from foreign law firms, especially German.