TOP LEGAL BUSINESS 2023 - First League of Law Firms

In the new edition of the magazine TOP LEGAL BUSINESS 2023 from the weekly magazine Euro, which thoroughly maps the Czech legal services market, our law firm Stuchlíková & Partners was ranked in the first league of law firms in the Czech Republic in the category Recognized Specialists & Boutique Firms. We thank all our clients for their trust.

131 Inspiring Women in the Financial Sector

Zuzana Stuchlíková, a partner of our law firm Stuchlíková & Partners, was included in the list of 131 Inspiring Women in Finance as part of the unique project #FinŽeny, announced by the E15 journal and the Cover Story agency.

Czech Law Firm of the Year 2023 – Recommended Law Firm

In the prestigious local ranking, Law Firm of the Year, the law firm Stuchlíková & Partners was awarded as Recommended Law Firm in the category of Capital Markets for the fifth consecutive year.

TOP 100 Women of the Czech Legal Business 2024

Zuzana Stuchlíková, a partner of our law firm Stuchlíková & Partners, was included for the third time in the list of TOP 100 Women of the Czech Legal Business in the category of TOP Partners as part of the project #PRVNÍCH100LET (žen v právu), announced by the weekly magazine Euro and the Cover Story agency.

Acquiring Czech Citizenship for Israeli Citizens

Since 2014, Czech law allows for dual, or even multiple, citizenship for its nationals. Based on an amendment from 2019, it is also possible to acquire Czech citizenship through an ancestor who lost it (with certain exceptions) during the existence of Czechoslovakia.

Contract for the Provision of Digital Content

A new type of contract for the provision of digital content has been part of the Czech civil code since January of this year. What exactly does the amendment introduce, and what changes does it bring?

DORA Regulation – Revolutionizing the Rules for Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector

With the rise of digitization and technological progress, businesses face new security challenges. The financial sector is no exception, where, considering the potential damages and risks of cyber-attacks, it is crucial to ensure a high level of data and information protection.

Divorce of an international marriage

Divorce of a marriage is usually a complex and emotionally demanding process, especially in cases of an international divorce - for example, where one or both spouses are of different nationalities.

The collapse of Energetický Holding Malina a.s.

Energetický Holding Malina, a major supplier of rooftop photovoltaics in the Czech Republic, has filed for insolvency after encountering difficulties with client orders. If you have pending orders or unresolved claims against the company, it is recommended to submit your claims in the ongoing insolvency proceedings. Claims filed after 12 July 2023 will not be considered. Contact us for more information and legal assistance.

How to proceed in case of bond issuer or alternative fund bankruptcy?

In recent months, we have been hearing more and more about bond issuer and alternative fund bankruptcies. In this article, we will summarize the cases of the most well-known ones and provide a procedure for creditors who have invested their money in them.