What will 2023 bring in financial regulation?

We have compiled a brief summary for you.

  1. Crowdfunding

    Existing crowdfunding platforms must apply for a CNB license by at the latest.

  2. DORA - Cybersecurity in Financial Institutions

    The Digital Operational Resilience Act will be effective from and introduces extensive new requirements for the protection and prevention of ICT systems.

  3. MiCA - crypto regulation

    MiCA will come into force and will bring new regulation of ICOs or the need to obtain a CNB license for crypto entrepreneurs (crypto exchanges, crypto exchanges, bitcoin ATMs, crypto wallets, …).

  4. Payment services - PSD3 and instant payments

    A new PSD3 and a regulation on instant payments are in the pipeline.

  5. AML

    An amendment to the AML Act is being prepared which will expand the scope of obliged persons or increase penalties. A new Anti-Money Laundering Authority, the AMLA, is being prepared at EU level.

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