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DORA Regulation – Revolutionizing the Rules for Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector

With the rise of digitization and technological progress, businesses face new security challenges. The financial sector is no exception, where, considering the potential damages and risks of cyber-attacks, it is crucial to ensure a high level of data and information protection.

Divorce of an international marriage

Divorce of a marriage is usually a complex and emotionally demanding process, especially in cases of an international divorce - for example, where one or both spouses are of different nationalities.

The collapse of Energetický Holding Malina a.s.

Energetický Holding Malina, a major supplier of rooftop photovoltaics in the Czech Republic, has filed for insolvency after encountering difficulties with client orders. If you have pending orders or unresolved claims against the company, it is recommended to submit your claims in the ongoing insolvency proceedings. Claims filed after 12 July 2023 will not be considered. Contact us for more information and legal assistance.





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