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Obtaining an Apostille for Czech or Foreign Documents

We are often asked by our clients to obtain an apostille. What is an apostille for? It is international confirmation in accordance with the Hague Convention on Apostilles that a specific document was actually issued by a public authority of a certain country or state. For example, if you need to provide proof of your higher education abroad, it is highly likely that you will need to attach this special certificate, which guarantees the authenticity of the document on an international level.

Czech Citizenship Based on Grandparents

In the past week, we received a Certificate of Czech Citizenship for one of our clients, whose grandmother emigrated from Czechoslovakia to the United States and was naturalized as a US citizen.

Who Can Be an Investor in an Alternative Fund?

Only a limited number of people can be investors in an alternative fund, pursuant to Section 15 of Act no. 240/2013 Coll., on Investment Companies and Investment Funds, as amended (the “ZISIF”).





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